Why Fusion Security?

With many different companies to build your security career, why Fusion? We believe it’s our positive culture and quality employees that set us apart from others. From the start of our highly-selective recruitment process, we work hard to retain and develop the best security professionals. At Fusion Security, our employees are treated as our partners, and it shows in the quality of their work and their commitment to integrity. Quality people, products, and services are the cornerstone of our success.

At Fusion Security, we achieve excellence by building high-trust partnerships with our clients by implementing and maintaining integrated security solutions that deliver tangible value. We do this through a strong, respectful culture that attracts experienced, professional, and committed people.

Are you currently working in the security systems industry and looking for a new opportunity with a company that will recognize your exceptional work ethic and positive attitude? Are you seeking an employer that will reward your excellence both financially, and by providing you access to resources that will further your career? For our people, it’s not only why they chose to join Fusion Security – it’s why they choose to stay.

Why pursue a career in the security industry?

Globally, the number of private security professionals has surpassed the number of public police officers in many nations. Canada is no exception – Public Safety Canada showed that there was a 282% increase in Security Worker licenses issued from 2004-2015, compared to a significantly lower 23% increase in growth of the police force. Despite the budgetary limitations on annual police recruitment, public safety is still a necessity. This is where private security plays an important role in Canadian society.

Projected to maintain growth over the next 10 years, security professionals are said to work complementary to the duties of police. Serving a different area of public safety through the protection of private property, intelligence gathering, and reduction of emergency response times, allows the private security industry to compliment emergency services.

One in a hundred individuals are selected into the highly competitive Canadian Police program, making experience a must. The security industry is a high-paying industry that contributes to the well-being and protection of public safety, and is perfect for any individual interested in pursuing a career that challenges you to become better person every time you clock into your shift.


Advancing within your career, and paving your way to a supervisory role, a first aid specialization, or gaining valuable experience for law enforcement, your development begins at the start of your journey, with Fusion Security Careers. If selected as a successful candidate for employment with Fusion Security, you will receive compensation for site training and guaranteed management support. After successfully completing training, you will receive support from the company, during the employee-development period, to ensure that you are transitioning into your new role confidently. This includes unlimited contact with the Recruitment & Development Coordinator, the Operations Department, site management, and executive management. Development continues through our advancement opportunities, recognizing our team members in all departments for hard work, and rewarding them with promotion. To maintain the best team, we only want to see you get better. We are dedicated to investing in our employees’ personal growth and helping them achieve their goals, no matter how ambitious.


We employ an operations department that works to find a shift that works for you, prioritizing work/life balance. With permanent site assignments and flexible full-time and part-time opportunities, we have discovered that our employees can achieve a better work/life balance, and maintain a healthier well being when they fit work into their lives, as opposed to their lives into work. At Fusion, we provide opportunities that provide employee well-being, permanent site placements on 8-hour rotations, on an accommodating weekly schedule. This way, our employees have the ability to prepare for both work and their personal lives ahead of time.

Our Testimonials

Team driven, good pay increases. Very little administrative overheads (time sheets, status reports, reports could be done from home on the internet) to get in the way of achieving goals. Management supports anytime needed for personal/ family issues that need to be resolved.
Former Employee
Very supportive environment with the managers always around and open to listen to your ideas. Everyone works hard and the owners of the company are accessible to everyone that works to the company
Former Employee
Great team and awesome management, so far, the best in BC and in Canada. Feels good to be reviewed and appreciated. Fusion treats you with respect, they take nothing for granted, they appreciate your effort and show it to you. It felt great when I got a letter of appreciation from the CEO
Former Employee
Very organized and productive company to work at. Excellent pay compared to other security companies. Management and other staff members are approachable and friendly, they have good schedules available, and there is always work available
Former Employee

Leaders in Security

Fusion’s depth of experience, and proven ability to develop, implement, and manage, effective and efficient integrated security programs, define our industry leadership. These are key foundational components in the overall success for our clients, our employees, and our business.