Remote Security System Monitoring

Remote monitoring of your security system (whether alarm or camera) is an effective way to improve security while lowering operating costs. Through our central security facility, we monitor your security system 24/7 to assess, 24/7, what’s happening on your property and when to take action.

Alarm Monitoring

Our central, ULC certified monitoring station uses state-of-the-art latest technologies to ensure your properties receive the highest level of service and monitoring. We detect triggered alarms immediately and respond quickly and professionally.

Camera Monitoring

Remote camera monitoring allows us to visually verify alarms and onsite activities before dispatching a security team or contacting police. It’s a proven way to eliminate false alarms and associated costs.

Remote System Administration

Fusion Security offers remote administration of non-proprietary access control and intrusion security systems. In addition, we custom design these services for your specific needs. Our system administrators are trained to manage all aspects of your systems remotely and/or onsite. Remote administration is an effective way to free up resources while providing a higher level of security.

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