To Our Valued Clients

Week 6 of our new reality…We sincerely hope you and your loved ones continue to do well and are staying safe and healthy!

Many of you have heard from us individually as we continue to operate and provide our integrated services at full capacity. Know that if we have not been in touch directly, that we are still here should you have any questions, concerns or need additional services.

The incidents of B&E and attempted B&E’s are increasing 5 to 6 times the norm, as some people attempt to take advantage of the many closed businesses and vacant offices. We want you to know we are not taking our foot off the gas on ensuring your security needs are being addressed.

We are continuing to provide the services you rely upon, including:

• Remote monitoring which operates 24/7/365. • Service calls are responded to within 24 hours. • Booked installations continue to be completed. • New hires continue to be interviewed and brought on board. • Quotations and reviews are continuing to be produced by our Customer Service Team. • Manned Security and Mobile Security Patrols continue to be delivered daily. • And any requests for additional coverage is being accepted, prioritizing essential service coverage above other requests.

All of this continues, albeit in a much different and safe manner. As an essential service, our team remains committed to delivering the services you rely on; while we ensure that all employees remain safe and healthy. Proudly, we have not had one positive case of Covid-19 among our Team. This means that we shall continue to:

• Emphasized proper hand washing and personal hygiene. • Providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to all our staff. • Direct employees to stay home if they display any of the Covid-19 systems, as per government guidelines. • Having operational support/office employees work from home as able. • Insist business travel is ONLY for essential service calls/system installations. • Insist on Physical distancing when in any confined space whether it be our office or yours. • Meet via by phone or Skype whenever possible.

We are here for you, as we are here for our employees, keeping our mission intact. Our respect and thanks go to our employees, be they on the front line, in Dispatch, Mobile, Training and Human Resources and they many Operational Teams. We are very proud of the effort and commitment they have and continue to demonstrate. As always, our team members will remain available by phone or email, so please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support.
Stay safe and healthy