Private Investigation

For security and investigation needs that require a higher level of confidentiality and discretion, our licensed private investigators in Metro Vancouver are available 24/7. From electronic countermeasures to background checks and investigations, our private investigators adhere to the highest level of ethics and integrity in everything they do.

Service we offer:

  1. Electronic Surveillance – Electronic surveillance can be the first line of protection when trying to protect your home, family, and/or your business.  This can mean a combination of video and audio electronic devices set up to provide you with peace of mind.
  2. Physical Surveillance – Physical surveillance takes place when a private investigator observes the person(s) in question, while documenting their findings in real time.
  3. Background Investigations – Fusion offers a complete range of personal and business background investigation services to clients. Our experience researching and reporting appropriate and relevant information related to a prospective business partner, employee, or vendor, can provide peace of mind when making an important decision.

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    Fusion’s depth of experience, and proven ability to develop, implement, and manage, effective and efficient integrated security programs, define our industry leadership. These are key foundational components in the overall success for our clients, our employees, and our business.