Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a job with Fusion Security?

Only formal applications submitted through our website will be considered for employment opportunities with Fusion Security. Please submit your most up-to-date resume, with as many details as possible, to ensure the Recruiting Team is able to accurately assess your suitability. Due to the high volume of applications the recruiting team receives, please allow for a few days before attempting to make contact with them. We appreciate all applicants for their interest in Fusion Security careers, but only select applicants will be contacted for an interview. For more information on available positions, see here.

How does Fusion Security support my professional development and career growth?

Fusion Security recognizes exceptional work ethic through more than monetary compensation. With permanent full-time and part-time site assignments, site supervisors have the ability to develop connections with security personnel on site. This ensures that no hard work or good deed ever goes unrecognized. Career advancement provides opportunities, such as reimbursed training, promotions within and across departments, and honourable mentions in the Fusion Security Employee newsletter.

How does Fusion compare to other security firms?

Fusion Security has competitive pay rates, a superior employee benefits program, and a culture of excellence and pride unmatched in the industry. Our attention to quality over quantity, and of people over profit, ensures that Fusion stands out as both a leader in the security field, and as a beacon for those looking to matter and make a difference in their profession.

Why should I start a career in security?

The Canadian private security services industry has grown significantly over the past 20 years. From 2004 to 2015, there has been a 282% increase in Security Worker licenses issued, proving the crucial role that private security plays in Canadian society. Projected to maintain growth over the next 10 years, security professionals have a distinct role from police or corrections officers, but play an essential role in helping maintain public safety in cases of non-emergency public crisis. Whether building your resume to become one of the few selected into the highly competitive Canadian Police program, being part of a high-paying industry that contributes to the well-being and protection of public safety, or pursuing a career that challenges you to become better, all are good reasons to become a security professional today.

Can I work without a Security Worker’s License?

All individuals interested in a career in security services are required by law to complete Basic Security Training to be eligible for a Security Worker’s License. Working without a Security License is considered a provincial offense and will result in a fine to the unlicensed worker.

How do I get a Basic Security License?

For more information on applying for your Security License, please click here.

What is a Security Worker’s License?

A license is required by law for any security professional working in any security position in BC. This includes any individual who patrols or guards property, guards an individual, performs loss prevention services, or provides door security at a venue licensed under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act.

What is the difference between AST and BST?

Security professionals who are required to carry and use handcuffs in the performance of their duties are now required to get additional training through the Registrar, Security Services Act. In order to obtain this condition, individuals must successfully complete the 24-hour Advanced Security Training (AST) course, provided by AST Instructors approved by the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Approved AST instructors are listed near the bottom of this page. For more information, see here. 

Who can get a Basic Security License?

Anyone over 19 years of age, who is a legal resident of Canada, and has completed Basic Security Training with a final examination score higher than 60%, is eligible to apply for their Security License.

Do I pay for my Basic Security License renewal?

As a part of our employee benefits program, employees are reimbursed for their security license renewal cost!*

*Employment conditions apply

Do I pay for my uniform?

At Fusion Security, we believe that dress and deportment play a crucial role in both image and professionalism. If you are selected as a successful candidate for Fusion Security, you will receive a full uniform and winter coat (waterproof).* Uniform update requests can also be submitted during your employment to receive new articles to ensure your uniform is well kept while you’re on shift.

*Uniform conditions apply

Does Fusion Security offer an employee benefits program?

Our generous, performance-based compensation program helps us attract and retain quality personnel. It includes:

  • The highest minimum pay rate in the industry
  • Employee performance recognition program
  • Bonus structures
  • Comprehensive and fully funded benefits plan for all qualified employees
  • Employee purchase plans and discounts
  • Employee assistance program
  • Financial planning
  • Gym membership
  • Security license and association fee funding

Join a company that is known industry-wide for its positive work environment and employee-oriented commitment. Fusion has built a reputation for superior customer service, trust, and integrity through the efforts and dedication of its outstanding team.

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