Step 1: Completing your Basic Security Training

Completing your Basic Security Training (BST) is the first step to starting your security career. The Security Services Act (2007) regulates the security industry in BC, and requires all security workers to hold a valid BC Security License before being employed or being considered employable by such companies.

Security professionals working in the province of BC are required to complete mandatory training, prior to applying for their security license. Mandatory BST training is 40 hours in length, and focuses on:                            

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Legal studies
  • Report writing
  • Personal safety   

The purpose of BST is to educate security professionals through an objective and comprehensive program, allowing them to complete security-related tasks within the bounds of the law. The course objective provides security professionals the ability to provide a high level of public safety while maintaining personal safety at all times.
BST is available through the Justice Institute of British Columbia as an online course, or through an approved Security Training Schools for individuals who prefer in-class learning. For more information visit the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Step 2: Writing the Exam

After completing Basic Security Training, all students are required to achieve a 60% or higher grade to obtain a certificate of completion. For more information about exam retakes, locations, and exemptions, please visit:

Step 3: Applying for your Security License.

After completing BST through the Justice Institute of British Columbia, or any provincially recognized training program, and achieving 60% or higher on the final assessment, you are eligible to apply for your Security Worker License through the Ministry of Justice. First time applicants & returning applicants will both submit through the Ministry website. For more information, please see here.

Our Testimonials

Team driven, good pay increases. Very little administrative overheads (time sheets, status reports, reports could be done from home on the internet) to get in the way of achieving goals. Management supports anytime needed for personal/ family issues that need to be resolved.
Former Employee
Very supportive environment with the managers always around and open to listen to your ideas. Everyone works hard and the owners of the company are accessible to everyone that works to the company
Former Employee
Great team and awesome management, so far, the best in BC and in Canada. Feels good to be reviewed and appreciated. Fusion treats you with respect, they take nothing for granted, they appreciate your effort and show it to you. It felt great when I got a letter of appreciation from the CEO
Former Employee
Very organized and productive company to work at. Excellent pay compared to other security companies. Management and other staff members are approachable and friendly, they have good schedules available, and there is always work available
Former Employee

Leaders in Security

Fusion’s depth of experience, and proven ability to develop, implement, and manage, effective and efficient integrated security programs, define our industry leadership. These are key foundational components in the overall success for our clients, our employees, and our business.